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Psyche is a Performing Arts Center show written by Andrea Brook about the spirit’s journey through the human experience. Psyche is a dream, a continuous story from beginning to end.

Musicians: Andrea Brook – Sonic Butterfly, Steve Gorn – Bansuri Flute on Launch & Arrows, Chris Murphy – Violin on Dragon’s Tongue, Mikael Jorgensen – Moog & Keyboard on Psyche & Psyche 2, Chrystabell – Vocals on Psyche & Psyche 2,Dub Sutra – “Song on the Wind” , Tobias Hurwitz – “Revel” track.

Feed Your Soul Records has teamed up with Andrea Brook, international performing artist and yoga teacher, to bring consciousness to the dance floor.

Elevate is a divine mash-up of electronic dance music and spiritual, sensual, spoken vocals, that will move your body and spirit.

Sonic Butterfly, designed by Andrea Brook, is a long-string harp with at minimum 60ft long strings that span out over the audience to create a full sensory experience.
“For many years, I had the great pleasure to perform with an amazing ensemble of musicians and artists, and I am deeply grateful to all of them. These songs are born of those collaborations and are delivered here anew in my own voice, my own expression, as a solo long-string performance that is a meditation of depth and intimacy, of my becoming… Sonic Butterfly.” ~Andrea

Take a tour of the chakras! Chakra Beats explores each chakra musically, rhythmically and consciously. Listen as a mediation, during yoga, and a tool to better understand the chakras.

“This album is so many things in one. Mesmerizing vocals on top of really unique tracks. This is guided meditation that truly moves you!”

Public Speaking / Body Language Coach


Public Speaking :

As a public speaker, Andrea loves sharing her message of releasing limiting beliefs and realizing your dreams. Please watch her speech at TEDx in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, about the Childhood Paradigm:

Andrea is a Body Language Expert and can support you to improve your public speaking for all occasions, from presentations to small groups to inspiring and motivating crowds of thousands. Our body language communicates to the audience more than half of the message. Andrea teaches how to use posture, breathing techniques, and exercises to prepare you to share your message exactly the way you intend. Andrea has supported politicians, CEOs and even couples to have their messages heard.