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Antonio_Banderas2I met Andrea Brook at a dinner at my house in Los Angeles about five years ago, through a common friend of ours. At that time I had been practicing yoga about ten years. I was one of those yoga practitioners who, after several classes with instructors and yoga teachers of different kinds and levels, decided to go it alone, reading yoga books, searching all type of information and putting together a lot of data. My professional activities and the continuous traveling all around the world didn’t allow me to stick permanently with the same people for more than a few weeks. Of course I ended up creating my own routines and my own space in the vast yoga universe.

It was no more than a half an hour of conversation with Andrea that night, when I realized that I needed to grow my yoga practice and that she was the perfect person to help me do so. I still didn’t know at that time to what extent. The process of studying, searching, and understanding YOGA, yes, YOGA in big words, with Andrea Brook became one of the most exciting things I have ever done in my life. Not only because she put into context everything I already knew, not just because she taught me the meaning and reason behind every asana in my body and soul, not because she introduced me to the complex and yet simple world of meditation, but because I understood very soon in our practices that Andrea was not only a yoga teacher, she was, is, and will always be yoga herself.

With her, it is a way to understand life, to perceive reality, to breathe every second of your existence. She has an incredible capacity to communicate complicated concepts in relationship to the violent and confusing world in which we are all living, with love, compassion, dignity, openness, experimentation, and to ability fight from your inner self the problems and contradictions of the time in which we live. The clean spirit, the little child that she decided not to kill, as we all wrongly do, and her pure, bright smile against adversity are her weapons, and believe me they are contagious.

Andrea Brook is a master of life itself, with no fear to share her wisdom and her experiences. She opened my eyes and my soul to a better perception and understanding of myself and I thank her for that.

~Antonio Banderas

What Others Say About Andrea…

“Andrea’s talent lies in her ability to create the perfect yoga experience tailored to her client. We have had the pleasure of doing family yoga where Andrea has the youthful energy for the kids and the wisdom and compassion for the grandparents partaking in all the sequences. Her combination of exercise to create strength and endurance; as well as her guided meditation has led to a peaceful energy that lingers. My husband, our children and I have learned to ‘yoga’ through life! We emphasize compassion towards ourselves and honoring one another through exercise and mantras. We cannot wait until she comes back each week!” Jessica Azizzadeh – Independent Real Estate Professional & Mother

“Andrea has the wisdom, compassion, understanding, insight and humor of all the spiritual masters. Her ability to get to what is going on for you based on conversation and intuition and then translate that into your personal practice in that moment in order to move beyond any resistances physically, mentally and/or spiritually is a blessing. My practice with her always leaves me with such grace, openness, ease and gratitude. She is an absolute blessing to this planet and a gift to her clients. I recommend her so highly, there are no words to acknowledge my trust and faith in her private sessions.” Todd Simon – Cranial Sacral & Hypnotherapist
“Working with Andrea is a great experience on so many levels. Most beneficial to me is her ability to remain non-judgmental… a difficult quality to find. She is objective and can see things as they are, unfiltered. When these qualities combine with a tailor made yoga practice, the benefits are unique. Andrea helps me to gain a more clear vision of who I am. As Carl Jung would say, ‘Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.” Luis Castañeda – Restaurateur
“For over 7 years I’ve been working with Andrea, and I attribute many successes of my company to her phenomenal work. Every Monday the team looks forward to our weekly yoga practice, and the benefits are tremendous. Andrea has the ability to connect with each person and create truly transformational experiences for all, through realizing our intentions, identifying challenges that arise, and embodying the achievement of our goals. This profound work has helped us create an environment that fosters our best work and supports us in attaining the highest potential within ourselves.” Sarah Mehler, CEO & Founder of Left Field Labs
“During the few years that I had the great privilege of studying with Andrea Brook, I believe my relationship with myself deepened on all levels: to this day, there are so many occasions, almost daily, where I am aware that some thought, philosophy, mantra, body position or smile, is directly connected with the huge learning that occurred during my Yoga sessions! I am deeply grateful for these opportunities and welcome the chance to pick up where we left off, with Andrea always able to reach inside, able to trust her instinct and offer her profound wisdom: little gems, that will allow me to understand at a new level and/or release an area that is stuck so as to be able to empty out and have a chance to refill! Namaste to all!” Deborah Lazarow – Mother
“Insight is a powerful tool. Andrea took me on a journey for several years by connecting my mind with my body through yoga. I was always amazed at how we would discuss topics within my inner-world and then she would provide a sequence of postures to work on what I was feeling. I always gained insight — and after a few years, I was more flexible and advanced at yoga then I ever thought possible. She is gifted.” Rob Tonkin – CEO and Founder at Marketing Factory Inc.
“Andrea is such a wise, intuitive and inspired woman. She does create safety in times of scary changes. She inspires honesty, patience, calmness and clarity.  It is a magical, creative and revealing process to have her as a teacher and coach. There is lightness and profound knowing without judgment in her advice. She magically transforms spaces, situations and people with her gifts. She is always in my heart as a heaven-sent, beautiful loving and  powerful artist, spirit and soul.” Bellé Flora – Skype Client from Italy

“I have been going to Andrea for private yoga instruction for only two months now, but I already feel worlds better.  I am recovering from half a dozen major spine surgeries and lumbar spine trauma that dates back over 20 years.  There have been points where I literally couldn’t make it out of bed, and whole months when it was difficult to leave the house.  It’s wonderful to be active again, and I can feel my body opening up more day by day.  I look forward to more work with Andrea, and I am certain that her experience and unique intuition will continue to be a valuable tool in my recovery.” Philip J Asquith – Owner of Ojai Olive Oil

“WOW WOW WOW. I am still buzzing from the AMAZING energy and practice that was created for us over our magical weekend. I feel so very blessed to have been a part of this. Looking forward to future encounters with you all!!” Christine Gump, Owner of Lucky Star Wellness
The daily stresses of life melt away when mind meets body under the tender care and guidance of Andrea Brook. Andrea’s well-schooled approach to yoga bridges a perennial gap between our love affair with life’s ever complicated embodiment of emotional drama and the physical consequences. Her customized yoga practices tap into energetic conditions and provide a much needed path to the release of mental and physical congestion. Where therapy ends Andrea begins. Enjoy the journey.” Jeremy Dee, CEO of Corporate Realty Associates
“Andrea Brook and her practice and approach have been life changing. In 2014. I was involved in a collision when someone ran a red light and fractured several of my vertebrae. I was partially paralyzed. Andrea has been with me from a few days after the accident helping me to envision walking again to the present- living a vital and active life with physical integrity born of spiritual and emotional growth …and miracles.” Mela Lee – Singer, Actress, Producer

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